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Living with Food Allergies and sticking to Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) can be difficult. Alerje's current and upcoming solutions are designed with you in mind to help you Take Control of food allergies.

Create profiles on the Alerje Lifestyle App
Explore allergy-friendly recipes on the Alerje Lifestyle App

The Lifestyle Alerje App

Make Every Moment Count with 24/7 Food Allergy Management and Allergen Detection.

Food allergy profiles for yourself as well as your loved ones. Share your profile to communicate the allergen with your Food Allergy Management Team and navigate allergy-friendly recipes.

Food allergen scanner searches a database of 500,000+ products for the Top 9 food allergens.

Keep track of your meals daily
and avoid future reactions with the daily food diary.  

Omniject Epinephrine Auto-Injector
The Ominject™ Epinephrine Auto-Injector

Introducing The Omniject™

Studies have shown* that when it comes to anaphylactic reactions, even minutes count. Get back to your life with less worry.

The patented smartphone-attached Omniject™ epinephrine auto-injector prioritizes storage, convenience, and safety.

Adhered to your phone case,
Alerje's Ominiject™ will always be with you in case of emergency and will stay at the appropriate temperature for maximum epinephrine effectiveness.

Automatic alerts to the patient’s allergist, first responders, and support circle if a dose from the case is activated.  
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*Sicherer, S. H., & Simons, F. E. (2007). Self-injectable Epinephrine for First-Aid Management of Anaphylaxis. PEDIATRICS, 119(3), 638–646. https://doi.org/10.1542/peds.2006-3689

"Project AIT"

Achieve life's goals beyond food allergies: OIT management to get you to the OIT maintenance finish line.

Keeps you and your allergist
connected, simplifying the OIT process.

Rewards and celebrates you for achieving OIT milestones and collects mental health data to share with your allergist, helping you work together to win OIT and achieve treatment goals.

Reminders to take your dose, alerting you and your allergist in case of missed dose, plus reminders of self-care (I.e. not to shower, avoiding exercise).        

Preview of our OIT Management Platform
Preview of our upcoming OIT Management Platform

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