An Alerje banner image of Myles Smart, his sister Aisha, and his dog, Max. In the background is the colorful neighborhood and the Mission Control Director.

The Smart Defenders

Introducing Alerje's NEW illustrated comic series for food allergy families!

Enter Myles Smart III: This curious little explorer loves to learn and is able to turn everything into a fun-filled adventure! Myles is ten now, going on eleven, navigating school and friends, and is coming into his own, having BIG dreams, including becoming a future basketball star! Follows the shenanigans of Myles and the Smart Family, and their adventures as they navigate some unexpected new turf: a sudden food allergy. And some even scarier, new-er turf: Oral Immunotherapy.

As he embarks on an adventure to understand whatʼs happening inside his body and how to manage it, Myles uncovers fascinating clues that inspire him to learn how to
defend all that is important to him. With the help of his snarky-yet-sweet sister Aisha, his loving parents and wise grandparents, rambunctious dog/confidant Max, his “inner self” (AKA, the Mission Control Director), and pool of support around him, Myles can overcome whatever may come his way!

Meet the "Smart" Family!

Like any family, the "Smarts" are full of personality! Following a multi-generational family nestled in a vibrant, mid-western neighborhood, the Smart Defenders celebrates their determination to overcome the hurdles of food allergies and OIT.

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An image of Myles Smart from Alerje's Smart Defenders Comic Series. He is wearing blue glasses, a neon green sweater, a blue jacket and tie, with blue jeans and matching sneakers.

Myles Jasper Smart, III is 10 years old, going on 11. He LOVES adventures, learning, his doggy, Max, and getting on his twin sister Aisha's nerves! Although Myles is short, he aspires to be the next BIG basketball star. Myles is a bit shy, but he is bright, and something (or someone) tells him nothing can stop him from taking on any hurdles within his path- including a food allergy!

An image of Aisha Smart, Myles' twin sister and a character from Alerje's Smart Defender Comic Series. She has braids in her hair, wears purple glasses, and is wearing a yellow sweater.

Aisha Smart is 10 going on 30, 'nuff said. She is witty, wise-cracking, and like her twin brother Myles, loves to learn- and getting on their twin's nerves (only she can, though)! Although she's a twin, "she was born FIRST and will always be first." This future president reminds you to stay out of her diary and, most importantly, stay out of her room.

An image of Tamara, Myles' mom, and a character from Alerje's Smart Defender Comic Series. She carries a briefcase, has an afro as a hairstyle, and wears a blue business suit that covers an orange shirt.

Tamara Smart, AKA "Mom" means business! Not only because she's the youngest director within her company, but because she LOVES her family, her "babies," and the chaos that comes with them! She celebrates her family's heritage and neighborhood's rich history and enjoys keeping the fire in her kids alive but "in check."

An image of Dad, a character from Alerje's Smart Defender Comic Series. He is wearing an orange shirt, green cargo pants, and brown work boots.

Myles Smart II, AKA "Dad" is a family man and an all-around "man's man." Like his wife, he is also about business, being the owner of a bustling start-up. In addition to being an example for his twins, Dad ultimately wants to catch the "big game" or work on his antique car (seemingly impossible tasks!) and likes to remind his son, Myles III, where he gets his name and his good looks from.

An image of Grandma, a character from Alerje's Smart Defender Comic Series. She is wearing an indigo hat on her head and a black shawl around her shoulders that covers a purple shirt and black tights.

Grandma Smart is FABULOUS, and she's going to let you know it! The sassy, wise-cracking matriarch of the family lives a few houses down, but she may as well live in the "Smart" household. Grandma is full of wisdom and knows EVERYTHING. Words of advice: Don't tell Grandma she "can't", don't mess with her grand babies, and keep Max OUT of her garden.

An image of Papa, a character from Alerje's Smart Defender Comic Series. He has a mustache and beard, and is wearing an orange sweater vest alongside grey slacks.

Myles Smart I, AKA "Grandpa," is the patriarch of the family and, at 70, is "older but still kicking." This Caribbean transplant is cool, calm, and collected. Also, being a veteran of the army "back home," Papa loves a good metaphor, telling stories, and sharing cultural "gems" with his family and grandchildren. Like grandma, he lives a few houses down the street but may as well live in the same household.

An image of Max Smart, Myles' dog and a character from Alerje's Smart Defenders Comic Series, featuring brown, scruffy hair and a green collar.

Max Smart lives up to being "man's best friend!" In addition to getting into, well, EVERYTHING- including his favorite thing to get into: Grandma's Garden, is the confidant and sidekick to Myles, often “speaking the same language." In his spare time, Max enjoys barking, digging holes, and chasing the mailman.

An image of The Mission Control Director, a character from Alerje's Smart Defenders Comic Series. He is wearing a white suit with a neon green tie to match Myles' attire.

The Mission Control Director lives inside your mind- well, Myles' mind, anyway! He is in control of Myles' emotions, thoughts, bodily processes, and actions. The Mission Control Director helps balance out Myles' personality by helping him process the “new normal” and typical growing pains. He loves being in control of EVERYTHING and operates the body as a tight ship. BUT: Can he handle the "new normal?"

Latest Episodes

Episode 2: Let the Battle Begin - Part 1

A continuation of episode 1, it's time to get BATTLE-READY! Welcome to Mission Control! The assignment: To pinpoint the unknown, *itchy* Mystery Guest that NOBODY invited to the family cookout. Through this race against time and adventure of emotions, histamine, and dogs getting into EVERYTHING, an unexpected Smart aids young Myles and Mission Control in getting everything back in order... or DID they?

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How Food Allergies Affect the Body
Mental Health
Food Allergy Reactions
Food Allergy Symptoms
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A preview image from episode 2 of Alerje's Smart Defenders comic series. The Mission Control Director character is inside the "lab" within the main character Myles' brain.
Episode 1: The Mystery Guest

Ah, there’s nothing like a family picnic! Happening three years earlier, a then 7-year-old Myles and the Smart family gather in Grandma’s yard for some grilling and chilling! The fresh herbs and spices of Grandma’s world-famous (well, family-famous) Maafe Peanut Stew mixed with the hickory smoke from the grill- everyone was ready to dig in! But wait, an invited Mystery Guest?! Myles has no choice but to activate Mission Control to investigate.

Topics Covered:
Food Allergy Reactions
How Food Allergies Affect the Body
Food Allergy Symptoms
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The Smart Family sitting around a dinner table while a little boy, Myles, looks uncomfortable.