Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you've been recently diagnosed with a food allergy or you're having to manage food allergies for the entire household, you may have many questions about Alerje's solutions. As we come across common questions, we'll do our best to give you information that helps. Check out some answers below, or feel free to contact us!
Who is Alerje?

Alerje Inc., (pronounced just like "allergy"), a Detroit-based, food allergy management innovation team, is committed to increasing the quality of life for millions dealing with life-threatening food allergies. Read more about us!

What does Alerje do?

Alerje is building an IoT enabled smartphone case that holds a slim epinephrine auto-injector. When the device is removed to be used during emergencies, 911 dispatchers, parents, & spouses are alerted of the incident including location information. Read more about Alerje's food allergy solutions.

How can I find out more about Alerje? Do we have a support group?

Alerje True Grit is a new Facebook community and resource for families and caregivers navigating food allergies or managing therapies such as Oral Immunotherapy (OIT).

In addition, feel free to contact us or join our conversation on our socials: Instagram (@alerje_), Twitter (@alerje),  Facebook and LinkedIn. We often highlight some of the best resources for our food allergy community!

What does the Alerje Lifestyle App do?

We recently made the call to sunset our 1st mobile app, the Alerje Lifestyle App, and couldn't be more excited about what's in the pipeline for our next generation of clinically-backed food allergy tech innovation! Read on here for more on our plans.

When’s the Omniject auto-injector device coming to market?

Alerje's medical device is still under development and will be subject to approval by the FDA before becoming available for purchase. Read more about the Omniject patent here.

Where can I purchase an Omniject phone case?

We can provide a better time table as we continue our device testing. Thanks so much for your excitement and patience! Stay up to date by signing up for our newsletter.

How much will the Omniject cost? Do you accept insurance?

Once FDA approved, we plan on having the Omniject be reimbursed according to your insurance coverage. We plan to price the Omniject competitively, with an emphasis on affordability.

How can I sign up for beta/prototype testing?

Of course! We’re periodically testing out new products, feel free to contact us to indicate your interest here.