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Within Alerje, Inc., intellectual property represents a significant component in its global business strategy. We continually invest in research and development and secure intellectual property assets that align with our strategic goals.

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Detachable Medical Device System
Granted Patented No.: 11,007,321

A case for a mobile device including a back section and a first front section and a second front section, the first front section being adapted for connection to and separation from the second front section and the back section including an opening for receiving a mobile device; a receiving space located within the first front section and second front section for receiving an injection device, wherein the injection device is at least partially visible when the second section is detached from the first section; a release latch located on one or more of the first front section and second front section for facilitating separation of the second front section from the first front section; and a connector portion for connecting the back section to the first and second front sections.

Auto-Injection Medical Device System
Patent Pending
An injector comprising: (a) a housing; (b) a control releasably secured to the housing; and (c) a syringe movably positioned within the housing, wherein when released, the control drives the syringe to expose a portion of the syringe outside of the housing.