Life With Food Allergies?

Alerje provides you with tools to make life with food allergies sensible and manageable.

Take Control of Your Food Allergies

Over 220 Million people worldwide suffer with food allergies.

Don't let food allergies manage you. Take control and manage them with ease.

Food Allergy Innovation

The pursuit of innovation is what drives Alerje.

The reason why we exist is simple: it's because of you. Our entire strategy is centered on using technology to deliver safe and effective solutions for you and your entire family.

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Food Allergies & The Holidays

Yes, there are options for you and your family.

Between allergists, allergen avoidance, epinephrine, and Oral Immunotherapy (OIT), there are many potential solutions necessary to help you avoid reactions.

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At the Heart of Any Innovation is: YOU!

You're invited to apply to participate in a paid survey.

Are you a caregiver or someone with food allergies managing FDA-Approved Oral Immunotherapy (OIT)?  Just in time for the holidays, receive compensation for your participation in an important survey.

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Why We Do What We Do

It's personal.

Developing technology to improve the lives of food allergy families, isn't just theory, we live it every day. Our CEO, Javier Evelyn discovered his first allergy at the age of six. Understanding life with food allergies is the basis for Alerje's innovation.

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