Make Every Moment Count

Alerje uses proactive patient design to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care in the food allergy industry.

hero image for Alerje App interfaces display on both Andriod and IOS devices.

Food Allergy -
A growing epidemic

220 million people

suffer from severe food allergies worldwide.

377 percent increase

in private insurance claims associated with food allergy.

How does Alerje help?

Icon represents the convenient food allergy management platform.


Alerje is building a more convenient food allergy management platform to fit the needs of today's patients, aimed at improving the overall quality of life for those affected by life threatening food allergies.

Icon represents our device works for food allergy emergencies.


When our device is used during food allergy emergencies, 911 dispatchers, parents, spouses, etc. are alerted of the incident including location information.

Icon represents the Treatment and Lifestyle appraoch.


This “Treatment x Lifestyle” approach also includes a mobile app that’s designed to improve patient behavior and adherence.

Proactive Patient Engagement

Picture of an allergist talking with a girl for treatment.

Improved Patient Experience

Prevention of life threatening emergencies is one of the best ways to improve wellness. Incentive and empower patients via mobile apps to make improved dietary decisions.

Improved Quality of Life

Chronic diseases have a notoriously low compliance level, often less than 50%. Increased peace of mind for parents, patients, and caregivers by leveraging existing consumer product form factors to increase adherence.

Reduced Cost of Care

The “backdoor” of the healthcare system is the ER which leads to increased costs across the entire ecosystem.