An Alerje Oral Immunotherapy Study

Studies show 18%, or nearly 1 in 5 food allergy families don’t reach the goal of improving their food allergy tolerance with Oral Immunotherapy (OIT).

From forgetting to take a dose to therapy fatigue, At Alerje, we're taking a closer look at what gets in the way of families with food allergies successfully completing an OIT regimen.

There is a better way to help families stick to treatment.1

I'm interested in the OIT/NSF Study!
ANNOUNCEMENT: We have now reached our capacity of candidates for this study.
Thank you for your interest in the study. The amount of interest in this opportunity to transform a food allergy patient's journey has been inspiring. It is very possible that we'll introduce another study in the near future. Let us know that you'd like to be considered for the next one by sending an email to:

Why Study Oral Immunotherapy?

Alerje wants all patients and caregivers Taking Oral Immunotherapy (OIT)  to be successful and reach their ultimate food allergy treatment goals. We know there are circumstances that can get in the way of treatment success. At Alerje, we’re determined to build the tools patients and caregivers need to win.

How Is This Happening?

Alerje has recently won a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). As a result, Alerje is currently designing an OIT Management and Adherence digital platform to help OIT patients make it to the finish line: maintenance. We invited food allergy families and individuals  currently taking Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) to participate in an at-home research study on their daily treatment experience.

What Are We Studying?

Our OIT study cohort currently consists of participants who are:
A caregiver of someone on Food Allergy OIT who is 17 or younger, OR
An adult on Food Allergy OIT who is 18 or older

This 90-day study guides the participants through short, daily surveys about their OIT treatment experience. Data is collected to track common treatment pain points for patients and caregivers, adherence, reactions, and contributing cofactors.

What is the Goal?

Patient and caregiver insights will be used to design a solution that will:
A) Alleviate OIT treatment pain-points and hurdles for allergists, caregivers, and patients alike,
B) Simplify the treatment process for allergists to inform the best course of food allergy treatment, AND
C) Help patients and caregivers track and adhere to treatment to reach their ultimate goal of food allergy desensitization.

Read more about this solution Alerje is designing for patients, their caregivers, and allergists specializing in Oral Immunotherapy.

I'm interested in the OIT/NSF Study

Stay tuned for updates on our findings and for more opportunities!

We thank you in advance for helping us with this important mission of building the right tools to help food allergy families Make Every Moment Count!

If you have any questions about our study on OIT, please contact us at