Food Allergy Etiquette: Managing Food Allergies in Social Situations

Easy tips on how to have manage food allergies in social situations.

As COVID restrictions lessen, friends and family will begin to gather again. However, for those with food allergies, we must continue to be vigilant. Some social settings can be awkward anyway, but even more so for someone avoiding anaphylaxis. Avoiding reactions and anaphylaxis are number one, but how do you do it in social situations? Have no fear, here are Alerje's tips to have proper Food Allergy Etiquette in some common social scenarios!

Food Allergies at a Potluck

You are at work, and you receive an invite to a potluck dinner. Although it is never rude to turn down an offer to avoid anaphylaxis, you still want to oblige safely. You're in luck! Because it's a potluck, prepare to shine. Here's an idea: Choose a dish that is delicious while sensitive to your food allergy. Be prepared to have a "story" about the recipe. At the end of sharing the story behind the recipe, everyone has your attention. Now, you can share why you chose the recipe: because of your food allergies!

Food Allergies and Birthday Parties

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned birthday party! From having Part of food allergy management is being prepared for any potential situation. If you are anticipating attending a soiree with food that may not be allergy-safe, opt to:

  • Inform the host in advance of your food allergies and dietary restrictions.
  • Offer to bring your favorite allergy-friendly snack or dish to share (Tip: Opt for single-serve snacks to share to reduce the risk of cross-contact).
  • Have your auto-injector nearby and an anaphylaxis plan in place.

But alas, sometimes we forget to prepare. For instance, you showed up to a friend's birthday party and there's no allergy-friendly food available. No need to make a fuss! You can also always enjoy food-free activities- dancing, playing games, and spending quality time is always allergy-friendly. Have some little ones attending a birthday party? Check out Allergic Living's article on Navigating the Kids’ Birthday Party with Allergies.

Food Allergies and Sleepovers

Slumber parties can be a lot of fun for kids. For parents, it can provide some much-needed time for TLC and self-care. However, having your child attend a sleepover can seem frightening for parents of kids with food allergies. In this scenario, your child just got invited to a sleepover. You then start to panic and remember that food may be involved that may not be safe for your child's food allergies. Do not fret! You can protect your child from anaphylaxis and by:

Managing Food Allergies as a Whole

The potential for anaphylaxis can be scary, but proper food allergy management and etiquette can give you peace of mind as a food allergy caregiver or someone with food allergies themselves. Whichever option you choose in your social scenario, be sure to always have your epinephrine auto-injectors on hand in case of anaphylaxis. Furthermore, have your allergies listed and document what you chose to eat in your food allergy diary in the Alerje App. You can also scan the barcode of the food that is out and labeled using the scanner also available in the Alerje App, in addition to Alerje's other solutions for food allergy management coming soon.

In addition to these tips, remember that proper Food Allergy Etiquette is to do whatever it takes to help you or your child avoid anaphylaxis. Making Every Moment Count and avoiding reactions- it's possible! All you need is Food Allergy Etiquette.

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